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  • Martin Stoter
  • Rico Barsacchi

We can help you with advice on

  • cultures of cells/organoids in multi well plate formats
  • usage of plate readers or automated microscopy (confocal, fluorescence, brightfield, live-cell kinetics, low to high resolution)
  • perturbations of cellular systems with chemical libraries or functional genomics tools like RNAi, CRISPR or transient transfection of plasmids
  • automation, from automated multichannel pipettes to pipetting robots and washers for multi well plates
  • automated staining procedures like immunofluorescence or smFISH protocols
  • systematic approaches for optimization of transfection protocols, immunostaining protocols, assay development, ...
  • image analysis of larger data set using CellProfiler or FIJI
  • data mining of larger or complex data sets using KNIME"

December 2031

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