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“Rückenfit” Health course with Alexander Hübner

Atrium Ground floor (CSBD)

Atrium Ground floor



At work, we spend so much time sitting at our desks, an activity (or rather, passivity) that our bodies have not evolved for. To keep your back healthy, we offer this exercise course.

It takes place on Wednesdays from 11-12 am in the CSBD Atrium ground floor. There are 10 dates in total, with each day a stand-alone training. It is recommended to attend 3 sessions for maximum benefit. Please wear appropriate clothing for movement. The course includes:

  • many movement exercises to strengthen the back muscles
  • stretching exercises and tips for a better posture at the workplace
  • tips for relaxing the shoulder and neck area
  • exercises are performed both standing and lying on a mat (provided)
  • feasible for all training conditions

The "Rückenfit" course follows up on the "Focus on Health Day: Posture, Spine, and Back" held on 21 September. A brief overview of these events is below.

  • Keynote 11:00 - 12:00 in the CBG Auditorium. Sports scientist Alexander Hübner addresses ergonomics in the workplace, providing tips and exercises how to keep a healthy back. 
    • At work, we spend so much time sitting at our desks, an activity (or rather passivity) that our bodies have not evolved for. Given the critical importance of your health and safety, Alex presents a short overview of back health at work and demonstrates how to organize a short break to strengthen our backs and mobilize our joints. The exercises are short and can be done at the workplace between meetings. Hopefully, this will be a little bit of fun, while also helping you keep your back healthy.
  • 15 minute individual health checks 8:00 - 16:00. Sign up directly via the links below.
  • An information kiosk from the TK will be in the CBG Atrium throughout the day for questions and advice regarding health insurance in the German system. 
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