1-2 November 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

Registration deadline: 4th October 2022

Course aim:

The goal of the course is to help improve a scientific article’s accessibility and impact. Participants will learn important writing tips and receive feedback from a scientific editor, with a focus on the most crucial parts of a manuscript. On day one, the instructor will provide an overview of the publication landscape and the reasoning behind those first editorial decisions. There will also be interactive activities such as "choose the best title" to "make an editorial decision." On day two, theory will be put into practice. In individual meetings, the instructor and participant will discuss the participant’s abstracts or cover letter. Abstracts and cover letters should be provided at least one week before the course begins.

We will inform you after 4th October if we can offer you a space in this course!

SR Top Floor
Day 1: CSBD, SR Top Floor, 9 am to 1 pm Day 2: CSBD, Room 133 (individual slots)


Michele Marass, Editorial Consultant


Nov 1, 9 am - 1 pm, CSBD, SR Top Floor

The course will be divided into 4 parts (approximately 1h each).

Part I: Finding the Right Journal
---How to navigate the publication landscape
---Understanding the publication process

Part II: What do Editors, and Readers, look for in an Article?
---Inside the editor’s mind

Part III: Get your Message Across
---Formulating a compelling title
---Structuring a well-balanced abstract
---Writing a convincing cover letter

Part IV: Figures, scientific rigour and data presentation
---Figures and illustrations
---Visual clarity and graph choice
---Unethical research behaviour

November 2: CSBD, Room 133

In One-on-One meetings, you will discuss your edited abstract or cover letter with the instructor.


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