Research Data Management and Electronic Lab Notebook - an Introduction for Newcomers

Seminar Room Top Floor (CSBD)

Seminar Room Top Floor


Pfotenhauerstr. 108


Professionally managing your research data is important is many aspects: for reproducibility of your research, for sharing and publishing your results, or for defending your findings in case of suspicion of misconduct. In that light, making research data accessible is increasingly recognized as key for progress and reputation of science, thus necessitating transparent research data management. In a nutshell, this means to produce complete and self-explanatory data sets, which can be found, re-used and cited even without your help, thus increasing impact of your research and your reputation.


The workshop introduces the basics of research data management as data cycle, RDM plans, the FAIR principles, and give practical insight into how to document, store, archive and share your research, and why this is important. It will also give hands-on experience on the tools which are used at MPI-CBG for documentation, and insight into the IT infrastructure which is provided to ensure that your data are safe and accessible.

RDM onboarding 6 Dec 2023
  • Chinmayi Subramanya
  • Ian Seim
  • Koichiro Takenaka
  • Laura Uelze
  • Lei Yuan
  • Letitia Fernandez
  • Lior Moneta
  • Shivani Gunnan Ramkumar
  • Swantje Lenz