PhD Program

Git Advanced

Seminar room top floor (CSBD)

Seminar room top floor



What: Advanced Git operations and their theory for software development

Why: Having accomplished this course, participants will understand the basics of Git profoundly, the most important advanced Git operations, and how to use Git (and GitLab) for their software projects in an collaborative environment. This course also includes advanced techniques that aid in resolving conflicts and enable granular control over the repository.

Target audience: Everybody already using Git and who want to deepen their knowledge of Git focusing on standard software development practices; PreDocs, PostDocs, Staff

Type: 4h-course led by a lecturer who will explain the advanced aspects of the theory behind git. All students will do live coding on their laptops under the guidance of the lecturer, and where students will solve on-the-fly exercises.

Class size: max. 15 students

Prerequisites: Participants must bring their laptops and should be familiar and already using the basic Git commands (init, add, commit, log, restore, push, and pull). Participants should feel comfortable working in the terminal; this includes - but is not limited to - creating/deleting/copying/moving/renaming directories and files, navigating through directories and files, find files, and editing text files with simple terminal-based text editors like Vim, Nano, or Emacs.

Course Made By: Scientific Computing Facility of CBG. Thanks very much!

IMPRS coordinator
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