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An Apple a Day! Autumn Bike Ride, Apple Picking, Baking Contest, A community event from the Health & Sustainability Groups




On Saturday 14 October 2023, we are excited to invite you to a special all-day event, hosted by our Health and Sustainability Groups, that promises to be both enjoyable and meaningful. This event will bring us together to celebrate local and health-conscious food choices, sustainable living, and the joys of autumn. Join for just one part or the full-day event. Families are most welcome to join this event. 

Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

Step 1: 14K Bike Ride to the Apple Orchard Time: 09:30 | Location: MPI-CBG Main Entrance

Calling all biking enthusiasts! We'll kick off the day at the MPI-CBG main entrance, where we will gather as a community to embark on our adventure. Following our meetup, we'll hop on our bicycles and embark on a picturesque journey, first along the Elbe but then out of the valley to a nearby apple plantation in the hills on the edge of town. Families are more than welcome to join us in this eco-friendly excursion.

Step 2: Meetup at Apple Orchard & Apple Picking | Time: 10:30 | Location: Obstgut Dreßler, Panoramablick 50, 01731 Kreischa OT Sobrigau

At the apple orchard, we will roll up our sleeves and pick delicious apples together, sharing in the satisfaction of a fruitful harvest. Whether coming by bike or car, staff members, along with their children and families are very welcome to join to enjoy the few and lend helping hands.  Afterward, apples will be transported to the institute and adventurous bikers can begin their return journey.
Step 3: Vegetarian Picnic | Time: 12:00 | Location: MPI-CBG Grounds
Staff members can rest and grab a meal together. Everyone is invited to bring a veggie-friendly dish to share and hopefully enjoy some of the remaining golden autumn weather in a picnic in front of the institute. 

Step 4: The Great CBG Bakeoff!!! | Time: 13:00 | Location: MPI-CBG Kitchen

Refreshed after lunch, we'll head to the CBG canteen kitchen for an exciting cooking challenge. Teams will have the chance to create their best apple recipes using the apples we've picked earlier, including a delicious German apple cake or classic American apple pie with lattice crust. It's a chance to showcase culinary skills and creativity while promoting healthy eating.

Step 5: Culinary Delights | Time: 15:00 | Location: MPI-CBG Atrium

The day will conclude with a friendly round of coffee and a delightful feast of homemade apple desserts created by our talented teams. It's a perfect opportunity to enjoy each other's company, savor delicious treats, and celebrate our collective efforts towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

Step 6: Cleanup | Time: circa 16:30-17:00 | Location: MPI-CBG Atrium
After any good event, we need a few volunteers to clean up and keep our institute looking tidy. Many hands make light work!



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An Apple A Day!