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9 Dec 2019

Guide for setting up courses workshops and clinics


Who to contact?

Guidelines for course preparation

Useful Links:

Getting Feedback

A user feedback template is available (ask SCF or PhD course) for standardized user feedback.  The Scientific Computing Facility and many other groups also use coloured sticky notes to gain user feedback at regular intervals during a course.  After each session when participants leave the room they are asked to leave a short piece of positive feedback on a green sticky note and something they didn't like or understand during the session on a red sticky note.  Courses instructors can then review the feedback during the break between sessions and address any concerns at the beginning of the next session.

Small Courses / Tutorials

These would usually cover a single topic and have a duration of 1-4 hours.


User Support Clinics

Recommendations for running a clinic

1. Locate a clinic in an area that is easily accessible for those needing support (e.g. CBG atrium)

2. Advertise your clinic through posters or emails to clearly state

  i) What is the purpose of the clinic and who is the target audience

  ii) When will the clinic be held (preferably a regular time and day)

  iii) Who will be present to help those needing support

3.  It is also useful to ask those who plan to come, if possible, to let you know beforehand and even give a brief outline of their question

4. Run your clinic

User Support Forums / Meetings

(e.g. EM user forum)

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