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Career Day | June 2, 2023 @ CRTD




Career Day | 2 JUNE, 2023 @CRTD

Looking for a good overview of career options for people with an academic background? We have you covered.

In a joint event from IMPRS, CMCB, DIGS-BB and PoL, we've organised talks from  a variety of alumni that built their careers in different fields, and experts who can give you good counsel, no matter what stage you are in the process. We'll have industry representatives visiting as well. It's never too early to start thinking about this!

We're so excited that this is a multi-insitute event. It's a great chance to meet your colleages from other institutes, and work on your networking skills.

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Registration closes on May 19 at 9 am! But: Places are unfortunately limited. We'll let you know soon if we can grant you a spot :)

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