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Eye Screening - Occupational Health Care Screenings

Seminar Room 3 or Seminar Room 2 (MPI-CBG)

Seminar Room 3 or Seminar Room 2



We would like to announce two upcoming sessions for onsite occupational health care screenings for MPI-CBG staff who predominantly work in front of a computer screen.

Employees in such conditions are eligible for a check-up and/or certain preventive health care measures, including an eye examination by the institute occupational physician. 

If you spend more than 50% of your working time in front of the screen, and your last eye examination occurred a long time ago, you are invited to register for one of the examination slots held here at the MPI-CBG

on March 19, in Seminar Room 3 and

on April 23, 2020, in Seminar Room 2.

For registration please complete the registration form by Wednesday, March 11

As the number of participants is limited, registration is required. Approved participants will be informed accordingly. The costs are covered by the MPI-CBG.

If you have noticed problems with your eyes while working on the computer screen, we recommend that you contact an ophthalmologist (eye doctor / specialist) directly. 

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