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KNIME Basic Course

by Antje Janosch, Martin Stoter


KNIME Basic Workshop:

Mon, 28.11.2022 13:30 to 16:30; followed by a hands-on / bring your data session Thu, 01.12.2022 09:00 to 12:00

The Technology Development Studio (TDS) offers a hands on course on data analysis using KNIME for beginners.

KNIME is a free and open source data analytics software for various types of data.

A graphical user interface allows to connect data processing blocks, so called nodes, to assemble a workflow.

KNIME provides import/export tools for many different data/file formats, tools for data transformation, visualization, clustering, machine learning, and much more.

No programming skills are required.

It can handle very large data sets and automatize repetitive operations.

If needed, it is possible to expands KNIMEs functionality by integrating code of popular programming languages (Python, R, Javascript, ...).

Workshop content
- Fundamental aspects of working with KNIME
- Data input/output
- Data wrangling (filter data, join/concatenate tables, group/pivot, rule engine etc)
- Data visualization (boxplot, barplot etc)
- Automation using loops and flow variables
- Clustering (various clustering methods and distance measures)

Participants should bring their own computers. No pre-knowledge or programming skills are needed. Software installation guides will be sent out later.

For people working in micro plate formats (96 well or 384 well) the KNIME Advanced/HCS Workshop would be useful as well.

Please registration here, for further information please contact the TDS (

For each Workshop we need to charge a fee of 150 € for internal registrants, and 250 € for external registrants.
Registration deadline is 4th of November. Places will be limited.
Until 10th of November, we will notify you if there is a place available for you in this round of workshops.


Organized by

TDS / Screening Facility

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