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CBG Postdoc Retreat 2023

Pałac Krotoszyce

Pałac Krotoszyce

Hotel Schloss Kroitsch Piastowska 7, Parkowa 3, 59-223 Krotoszyce, Poland

It's happening!! It's time for the much-awaited MPI-CBG Postdoc Retreat!

We invite you for scientific exchange on the interface of Biology, Informatics, Chemistry and Physics with fellow postdocs from MPI-CBG and CSBD as well as invited speakers with several networking activites.

This year’s retreat will take place from September 13-15 at the beautiful Spa Hotel, Palac Krotoszyce, Poland. It will be an exciting three day event featuring extensive workshops on scientific leadership and illustration... as well as team building activities and fun!



Sašo Kočevar, Annika Lübbert (hfp consulting);

Thomas Splettstößer (SciStyle)

Deadline for Registration : 

22 August 2023


Ina Hollerer, Swantje Lenz, Cassandra Visconti, Deniz Conkar, Hari Raj Singh


Registration Form
  • Alice Spadea
  • Allyson Quinn Ryan
  • Anais Bailles
  • Anna Dowbaj
  • Anna Hadarovich
  • Anupam Singh
  • Aparajita Lahree
  • Archishman Ghosh
  • Archit Bhatnagar
  • Arthur Boutillon
  • Aryaman Gupta
  • Benedikt Kuhn
  • Cassandra Visconti
  • Cedric Landerer
  • Daniele Rossetto
  • Deniz Conkar
  • Dollie LaJoie
  • Elisa Nerli
  • Hari Raj Singh
  • Hendrik Reinier Sikkema
  • Ina Hollerer
  • Isabel LuValle-Burke
  • Johannes Pahlke
  • Jon Savage
  • Julia Pfanzelter
  • Katelyn Cook
  • Kyle Wellmerling
  • Lisa Redlingshoefer
  • Manon Valet
  • Maria-Jesus Olarte
  • Matt Bovyn
  • Mengfei Gao
  • Michele Marass
  • Mohammadreza Bahadorian
  • Personal Aide
  • Petr Pospisil
  • Povilas Uzdaviny
  • Radim Zidek
  • Rana Amini
  • Shuo-Ting Yen
  • Simon Grosse-Holz
  • Swantje Lenz
  • Venkat Raghavan Krishnaswamy
  • Yiteng Dang
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