24-28 September 2018
Center for Systems Biology Dresden
Europe/Berlin timezone
Registrations opens May 14!

This hands-on course will take you from 0 to 100 in Deep Learning with Keras. Our aim is to teach the fundamentals of deep learning with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) based on modern techniques using the Keras API and the Tensorflow backend. By the end participants will know how to build deep learning models, how to train them, what to avoid during training, what to check during training and how to perform model inference, especially for image based problems. We hope participants will then go out and apply these methods to their own problems and use cases.

The core curriculum is planned from Monday (September 24) to Friday afternoon (September 28) to take place at the MPI CBG campus, Pfotenhauerstrasse 108, Dresden, Germany. As the agenda is currently being prepared please check-in from time to time. 

All participants are expected to bring their laptop. During the workshop, a uniform access to GPU-enabled workstations or servers will be provided that hold the software stack used. Thus, your laptop is not required to hold a mobile GPU or alike. All participants are expected to have a solid understanding of fundamentals of linear algebra as well as programming.

The workshop admission fee amounts to € 250 per participant. Every successfull applicant is required to bring a poster to the workshop that describes their current scientific challenge that they would like to solve with Deep Learning. Posters have to be sent in 1 week prior to the workshop. 

Center for Systems Biology Dresden
Seminar Top Floor
Pfotenhauerstr. 108 01307 Dresden Germany

We are currently revising the agenda from last year and will put it up until end May 2018, so people get a chance to see what to expect. We will again have Deep Learning experts from the field that will teach Deep Learning in an interactive way. The content will circle around the topic of classification/segmentation of images in various domains of industry and science. 

Stay tuned to this website, and check-in once in a while. You can also follow us on twitter: #DLBC18.

As the programming language used during the course is python, we will offer an opt-in introduction to python prior to the course. Please tell us accordingly during the registration process.

This course is sponsored by the following institutions:

German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure  German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure

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