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24-28 September 2018
Center for Systems Biology Dresden
Europe/Berlin timezone
We say good-bye to all attendees and instructos. This workshop was awesome! #DLBC18


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As we expect, that the demand for training in using deep learning is quite high, we want to make a couple of things clear before you sign up. The registration form is unlimited, i.e. everyone can apply. But we only have the capacity for 30 participants max. After the registration has run out, we will select the participants based on the information you provided during the registration. We will try our best to select at least one (at maximum 2) individual(s) per institute and/or site to allow them to multiply the knowledge about deep learning in their home institute. We hope, that this installment of the deep learning course is just the first of many more to come. Successful registrants will be notified by July 15th upon their successful application. If you don't hear anything from us past that date, we can do only one thing: apologize and invite you to stay tuned for next year.

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