German Language Beginner Course I (Fall 2019)

Seminar Room 3rd Floor (MPI-CBG)

Seminar Room 3rd Floor



Registration deadline: 30 August 2019

TARGET AUDIENCE:  Absolute beginners or those who need to refresh their basic knowledge in basic German. The course is intended for PhD students, Postdocs, and staff members based at MPI-CBG.


  • Speaking plays a large role in this course. Learn to say basic phrases for everyday situations.

  • Improve listening comprehension of basic German phrases.

  • Understand basic grammar in conversation, including the Present & Simple Past time forms.

  • See the attached file ("Modulbeschreibung") for the specific contents of each module.

This is the first of three beginner course modules planned until next summer, with varying contents. You can participate in all three courses or choose one, based on your availability and interest. 

COST: The course is free of charge to MPI-CBG employees. However, participants will need to purchase both the course book and workbook.

As the number of participants is limited, registration is required. Approved participants will be informed accordingly.

Contact Dana Grundel regarding course registration.
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