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MATLAB Workshop

SR Ground floor (CSBD)

SR Ground floor



Registration deadline: January 20, 2023

Part 1: Speeding up your MATLAB Code on parallel hardware

Speaker: Thomas Künzel (on-site)

After this course participant can optimize serial MATLAB code and know how to leverage existing parallel CPU and GPU cores on their local system with the help of the Parallel Computing Toolbox. They also learn the principles to scale their MATLAB code to cloud- or cluster-computing.


  • Optimizing serial MATLAB code
  • Using the parallel programming concepts of the Parallel Computing Toolbox
  • GPU Computing with MATLAB
  • Introduction to Scaling MATLAB code to Clusters and Clouds

Part 2: MATLAB-Python Interoperability

Speaker: Yann Debray (remotely)

Participants will be able to benefit from the strengths of two of the most powerful tech computing environments. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.


  • Call Python libraries
  • Call user-defined Python commands, scripts, and modules
  • Manage and convert data
  • Package MATLAB algorithms to be called from Python

The course will take place in person at CBG, Galleria

We will inform you after 27 January if we can offer you a space in this course!

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