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PhD Program

MPI Career Workshops

Galleria (CBG)




Workshops are meant to individually practise and implement the most important steps of the application process. The aim of the workshops is to develop individual application documents, ideally in the form of a concrete application. Participants will be enabled to perform as effectively as possible in a genuine interview setting through exercises and simulations, such as talking about one's strengths and/or limitations.

Please note that spaces are limited. We'll let you know if we can give you a spot!

We offer 4 workshops:

Workshop 1 - (09.05.2023, 09 am - 01 pm, Galleria) - Competence & Personality analysis: my strengths & my weaknesses; my DiSC Profile. Obstacles: what I am uncertain about?, how to better deal with failures / rejection / frustration?

Workshop 2 - (23.05.2023, 09 am - 01 pm, Galleria) - Job advertisement: a concrete job ad will be analyzed, (ideally you bring an own). CV: professionally presenting your competencies & your core profile, (bring your last CV version(s))

Workshop 3 - (30.05.2023, 09 am - 01 pm, Galleria) - Cover Letter: presenting your motivation in the best possible way. You will work on a concrete cover letter for a real, self-chosen job ad, there will be time to discuss and find the best possible arguments and formulation to present yourself as an interested, suitable and motivated candidate.

Workshop 4 - (06.06.2023, 09 am - 01 pm, Galleria) - Interview: concrete simulation of interview situations, feedback and discussion. Salary negotiations: What are the arguments in favour of me or a higher salary? Preparing for an interview. Concrete simulation.

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IMPRS Office

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