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11-14 July 2023
TU Dresden
Europe/Berlin timezone

This is a theory course that qualifies the participants (in combination with appropriate practical training) with a suitable academic degree (i.e. biology) to carry out animal experiments (function A and D) and in combination with three to five years of experience using experimental animals to also act as a project leader in animal experimentation (function B).

Also non-academic staff (i.e. technicians) may participate the course as it can be used for obtaining the so-called “Ausnahmegenehmigung”.

The following modules will be provided in the course:

Basic Module Theory - compulsory for all participants to be able to join the Species Specific Module(s) / practical training later on. Similar theory course can also be taken online (eg. LAS). This theory course does not include practical trainining.

Cost: 50€/participant

Course Language: English

TU Dresden
BIO/E48a or b
Building of the Biological Institutes Zellescher Weg 20b

Priority registration: MPI-CBG Mouse Facility (BMS) Users

Application for this event is currently open.
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